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Wandering Around Wee Alpine Lakes

Sometimes plans don’t go the way you hope, but I found us something to do that was fun. Our plan had been to go backpacking – the three boys and me. But alas, Sunrise at Mount Rainier National Park didn’t open till late afternoon. There is a missing hiker, and they needed to stage the helicopters. Sunrise offers a really flat area for them to land. No backpacking I realized was going to happen. Alistaire can handle 2 miles at most and it was getting close to his nap time. I knew we could wait – but there was no guarantee we’d even get up the road that day. So I picked a nearby easy hike. We drove up to Chinook Pass, a few miles up, and spent an hour or so wandering the trails along Tipsoo Lakes. Yes, it is front country. Yes, it is tourist friendly. It is also pretty. And child friendly.


No goals. Just getting out and wandering with my boys!


“Hey Mom! Want some cold water?” Har-de-har…..


The lakes had just finished melting out and the first flowers were showing up – glacier and avy lilies.


In a week or two more, this will be gorgeous up here, full of color.


Alistaire checking out a creek –


Oh did he want to play in it!


If anything, I see so much more now – walking slowly and looking down, and suddenly a blue mass of butterflies in the breeze.


And a frog the size of my hand, loitering in the water, in a small melt water creeklet:


Walker and Alistaire ahead of me, with Rainier in the distance:


My littlest, toddling along. I love watching him hike!


A trail selfie:


Kids love this hike….and so do adults!

2 thoughts on “Wandering Around Wee Alpine Lakes

  1. Omg, this place looks gorgeous! I wish I lived closer to places like this so I can just explore every weekend! ):

  2. This is such a great bonding for your family. It looks so cute when the kids also enjoy hiking. Ha Ha. The place looks awesome.

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