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Silver Forest Trail under Rainier

Monday seems to slowly become my go-to day for taking the boys hiking this summer. The weekend is over, crowds are gone and Kirk can use some quiet time to work. This week we went up to Sunrise, at Mount Rainier National Park. As we crested the top, at 6400 feet, it was 48°, 50° as we got out. Perfect weather: chilly and sunny!


OK, maybe for some of you, you like it hot. I do not. I wilt in heat. And the past few weeks were awful here. Hot, dry, even the moss dried up in our yard! Cool was good.


My two youngest boys: Walker and Alistaire, in front of Big Snowy Mountain. Most of the trip up to Sunrise was so Walker could become a Junior Ranger. Boy, was he excited 😉 Add in a few “Don’t Be A Meadow Stomper” buttons to put on their backpacks, and they were very happy. That and an exhibit on lahars…yeesh.


The butterflies were out in huge numbers, the meadows in lower Yakima Park are coming into bloom –


We headed down the Wonderland Trail, and then onto Silver Forest Trail, which follows through a subalpine forest and meadows, through Yakima Park.


And they both look cute and I get the perfect shot…and I make it blurry 😉


Rainier was gorgeous – a light breeze, butterflies, scent of wildflowers….


Boys climbing!


And my oldest son keeping an eye on his brothers, as they headed down the trail. And then…too soon, it was nap time and on our way we went.