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A Little Hiking & An Alpine Lake

Sometimes life gets in the way, and I wake up and know that I need to go to the mountains.


Monday was one of those days. Kirk had been in Asia for a week, for work, and then my brother came over and got Kirk sick. With finally everyone mostly well, I was twitching and needed to reset my inner self.


A walk on the PCT does that for me. Even if all we did was a few miles.


One mom and three boys. We don’t move fast.


But we have fun. The boys loved being in alpine (nothing like “cheating” and driving up to past 5,000 feet).


Alistaire is making me happy, he is hiking on his own this year. Yes, it hampers the miles we might get, but my back is happier, my knees love me, and he gets exercise – and honestly, he gets bored in the pack.


And on the PCT, the miles are pretty often, and it goes fast.


A few little streams to play in…..


Flowers in raging bloom makes Mommy happy.


And, yes, boys, a lake. That Mommy promised you. Great for dipping toes in 😉


And then on back down, escaping the hordes of mosquitoes. Well, they were not too bad. Though annoying.


Lupine and Paintbrush in bloom.


It was hard to go home. Well, the bugs encouraged me to go home 😉


And sometimes all it takes is to see the 16 and 4 year old getting along, and that makes it all worth it. Mostly worth it. 😉

4 thoughts on “A Little Hiking & An Alpine Lake

  1. Beautiful pictures! What section of the PCT is this? My wife just gave birth to our first son and this looks perfect for our first hike out!

  2. Bobby,
    It is South on the PCT from Chinook Pass, in Washington State (so just outside of Mt. Rainier NP). It is one of my favorite hikes, and I try to get there multiple times a year once it melts out. It is great for kids!

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