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Food Find: Revolution Foods Meal Kits


I’ll be honest – when I am trying to get three boys out the door as quickly as I can (hahaha…..quick?), I do look for help in the grocery store to get meals planned. I often take a lunch on trips, that I can leave in a cooler, for an after hike lunch. Sometimes that means that Walker gets a Lunchable, even as I blanch buying it. The ingredients in those leave little to be desired.

So seeing Revolution Foods Meal Kits tucked in the same area had me happy this week. Our local Safeway has the 3 flavors above (there is a fourth one as well, a peanut butter one).


Walker and I tried the Turkey & Cheddar kit, it won me over. The box packaging reminded me of Go Picnic meal kits, where the box opens up to make a tray. This feature is highly appreciated when a small child is eating it on their lap! The meat and cheese come separately packed and look and taste actual deli meat – the kind without preservatives added. The cheese is real cheese, not squishy processed cheese. The crackers are crunchy and tasty. Even though it is aimed at children, and adult would find it a great quick bite, with 15 grams protein.

PS: The fruit strip included was my favorite part!

One thought on “Food Find: Revolution Foods Meal Kits

  1. I was not aware of these, so thanks for sharing! I’m in South Carolina, and these do not appear available in my area yet, but hopefully they will be soon. I too buy the Lunchables often, but these would certainly replace those if I can get them!

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