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Gear Review: Deuter Backpacks For Kids

I’ve often mentioned my loyalty to Deuter – my daypack, backpacking pack and kid carrier packs are Deuter.


My daypack (and sometimes an overnighter) has been with me for 5+ years now, without any issues. Compared to an REI daypack I bought at the same time, the Deuter still looks great – no fraying, no tears. Where as the REI pack went to the dump within 2 years (it fell apart, stitches came out, fabric simply fell apart). I learned my lesson and bought what I liked, even if it cost a few dollars more. After carrying two large children in a Deuter Kid Comfort 3 pack over a 4 year period, I was glad we had bought the Cadillac of carriers, but also glad that I am nearing the end of carrying the youngest. It has been my goal to get Alistaire hiking on his own power as soon as I could. I weighed our gear, the kid carrier and him – and the total was 45-50 pounds on each trip. Does your back hurt thinking about that? It should. So my secret method? Hah, not really secret, since I have been doing this with Ford since he was Walker’s age, 12 long years ago!

Buy my kids mini-me gear that is functional, well-designed, built to last and is light for them to carry.

Walker (4 ½ years old) wears a Deuter Junior:


It fits 4 years and up best. We got it for Walker 2 summers ago and it was huge on him. But this year? Fits him perfectly. 15 ounces in weight, it holds two juice boxes or bottles perfectly on the sides, with two pockets (one on top, one on the front) for sunglasses and more, and plenty of space inside.


Which is probably better parenting choice than this sweet backpack Walker carried home this past 4th of July 😉


Alistaire this year got the gift of a Deuter Schmusebär :


While many 2 year olds may be dwarfed by it a bit, if your child is in 3T clothing, this will fit them great. It weighs 10 ounces, holds two juice boxes, has one front pocket and a roomy interior. And it comes with the cute bear as well.


Both boys can easily carry their summer sun hats, sunglasses, rain jackets, warm hat and gloves and sit pads. They don’t need much more, Momma still carries most of it. But they get the feeling of being big boys and love their packs. And that is worth it.

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  1. Love the littlest pack! It’ll be a great gift for my friends kids who are ready to hike.

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