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Gear Review: BigShot Wide Mouth

I am admittedly a throwback to the past with certain gear. Example? I don’t like hydration bladders. Loooong ago, when they first came out, I jumped on it. And found I never did like it, no matter the brand. I found I like a bladder for in-camp use great, but not for drinking. I went back to bottles many years ago. Now then, is there a downside to 32 ounce bottles? The stupid wide mouth is one flaw. Even with buying one too many inserts that went in the bottles – designed so you could sip. None of those ever worked right. Usually I’d be chugging and bam, it would out and I’d get a wet face/water up the nose. Yuck.


So when I was offered a BigShot Wide Mouth from Nathan’s, I was happy to try it out. It has a wide mouth so you can fit a water filter on it (another old school piece of gear I have gone back to), and as well fit ice cubes or a scrub brush in, but the drinking top is narrow. And since it is screwed on, you won’t get a tsunami up your nose. Bonus? The kids can drink out of this bottle without wasting half of the water…..

It comes in 4 colors, being a female who loves pink, well the berry is gorgeous. If you want to check them out, they are sold in a number of stores and can also be found on Amazon: Nathan Big Shot Narrow Mouth Bottle.

FTC Disclosure: We received a review sample.

One thought on “Gear Review: BigShot Wide Mouth

  1. Funny, I’ve moved away from my hydration bladder, partly because it weighs eight ounces empty.

    I don’t like wide mouth bottles, but I fix that by using narrow mouth bottles. My standard is a one liter Calistoga sparkling water bottle. I had hundreds of miles of hiking on one before I left it in a friend’s car.

    One liter Gatorade bottles have an in-between size mouth, if you like that.

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