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Afternoon Hiking At Sunrise

I realized yesterday that I have become that hiker. The one with no plans, who wakes up and putzes around, looks outside and decides around, oh, 10 am, that hiking would be great! Once the kids are dressed, van is packed, gassed up and said kids fed, mom has coffee and a picnic lunch is shopped for…well it is Noon. Yeesh! Back in the days of hiking with one kid (or leaving that kid at home) I was up early and productive. Nots anymore….But honestly, I am OK with it. As long as we get out, life is good. I might miss the sunrises, but the trail waits.


I love going to Sunrise at Mount Rainier NP.ย The kids like it as well. It is about 70 miles from my house, making it a short drive. (And I love mountain driving)


No real goals, just wandering and being outside.


My three boys – with as Ford puts it “Hey look, it is Jabba The Hut on that ridge”. Snort. Look at it. You will see it ๐Ÿ˜‰


Tahoma in late summer. A light breeze. A few clouds. Some late flowers.


A tiny butterfly on the flowers.


Even in mid August, when it is still warm, you can almost sense summer is winding down. At 6400 feet, summer is fleeting.


It is funny with small children (4 and 2 now), that they may walk slowly, but they feed off each other to see who will be first. “I’M FIRST!!!!!”


And then I am left feeling a lot better about the world, and ready to head home – and maybe ice cream for the kids ๐Ÿ˜‰