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Saturday Strolling

Saturday I was well on my way to a typical morning: farmers market, prepping produce and canning. Yes, I can. A lot. Saturday was Spiced Strawberry Jam. I was half-way through when Kirk asked if I wanted to get out of the house. OK! So I finished up as quickly as I could and we jumped in the van. Now then…we didn’t have an actual plan. It was more “I’m going stir crazy and need to get outside”. It didn’t help that I and the boys had given our summer sinus infection to him. Oops.

Well, an hour or two later we ended up at Chinook Pass on Hwy 410. Kirk decided to take a nap in the balmy sunshine of subalpine, while I took the boys for a stroll. Walker and Alistaire were quite happy to do that.


Well, especially since Mom delivered her promise of “There will be tadpoles!!”. Tons and tons of them.


Walker was having fun posing….


Upper Tipsoo Lake. We explored around it, taking side paths here and there. Few visit upper, even though you can see it from the highway. I often wonder why. Yet if you hike along the lake, you can go up above the lake quite a distance and have a quiet lunch spot with an amazing view of Rainier.


It is so amazing to watch how fast children learn how to hike. Two years ago this was Walker, now Walker is a strong hiker, and Alistaire is quickly catching up. He often declines a hand now!


After we visited the lakes, Walker asked if we could check out the Eastside Trail – which goes downhill 99% of the way – but since it is home to many delicious berries, sure why not! I was able to get an idea when berries will be ready this year. The boys loved the trees and rocks.


Eventually, I knew I’d have a tired toddler on my hands if he had to walk too far uphill coming back, so I got them to turn around. Back into the sun, and also back to the crowds of people. Few go down Eastside Trail, a shame as it is a sublime and very quiet trail.


Did I mention that I had no idea what we were going to do until the van pulled up to the trailhead? I was wearing jeans and sandals. And wearing my in town backpack purse. Good thing I always keep snacks and water in the van 😉


We crossed the highway and joined the crowds. Which due to the iffy weather (Rainier was clouded over) had people not staying long (oh darn).


I found it quite funny (and had to try hard to not laugh out loud), when a group approached us, and wanted to know where Rainier was. They were SO upset that Rainier was not out, it is summer after all!! I pointed to them where in theory ol’ Tahoma is (to the left of the peak below). Later on, I saw them at the trailhead asking the ranger why the weather hadn’t cleared 😉 Oopsies!


Hiking doesn’t have to be overly planned. It can be as simple as just getting outside and enjoying time with each other!

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