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Gear Review: Melitta Pour-Over Coffee

Pour-over is all the rage right now, but ironically I can remember that was how my Dad preferred his coffee back in the day ๐Ÿ˜‰ And my Mom’s set up back then was a very simple Melitta pour-over setup as well. Good coffee can be easily made with little effort, and you don’t need fancy setups. And it is handy to have around for travel, cabin stays, car camping, In-Laws visiting, and yes, even backpacking.


Melitta Pour-Over Coffee can be as simple as a 1-cup brew cone and your mug:


At $2.99 it is a very inexpensive solution – and it comes with a starter pack of size 2 cone filters (which are compostable I might add).

Or a 1-cup brew cone & a lightweight insulated travel mug:


The set retails for $8.99 and also comes with a starter set of cone filters.

Pour-over is simple: put in a new filter, add desired amount of ground coffee and slowly add a bit of just boiled water to the grinds, letting them “bloom”, then pour in the water and let the cone do its magic. And have your fresh cup quickly. If hiking, let the filter dry on a rock, then pack up in your garbage.

As for the coffee sent along?


Here is my view: I despise coffee snobs even more than wine snobs. I was a barista for many years – and I feel a very good one – yet I am not snobbish about my coffee. What I look for is a mellow, smooth coffee that doesn’t taste bitter, oily or leave me with painful stomach cramps from all the acid in the brew. There will of course be those who disagree with me. Their coffee must be single origin and be roasted hours before use. Me? I’ll be sipping on a good cup while you are still arguing ๐Ÿ˜‰ The smell upon opening the can took me back to my childhood, a simpler time. When there was no snobย in coffee. I enjoyed it quite a bit and apparently so did my Father In-Law who happily made himself a cup (or two) every morning on a recent visit.

FTC Disclosure: We received product samples for potential review.

2 thoughts on “Gear Review: Melitta Pour-Over Coffee

  1. Live just down the road from a Melitta plant hear in South Jersey. Ah, the aroma when driving by! It’s my favorite brew too.

  2. Been using a Melitta cone for many years! Consumes a few more grounds than some other methods, but works great.

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