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Urban Dayhiking: Squak Valley Park North

A few years ago, work started on an area along a local road, Issaquah-Hobart Road, that winds through the Issaquah Alps, here in Washington. I had noticed and watched as the trails were put in, but there wasn’t parking. Yesterday, as we were driving the boys to see the salmon running at the Issaquah Fish Hatchery, I happened to look out the window and saw there was an actual parking area now. So on the way back, Kirk pulled in and we went and explored the area.


Squak Valley Park North is a small meadow area that sits between Squak Mountain and Tiger Mountain. There isn’t a lot of info about the new park online though (although this site has great photos!). Its sister park sits just a bit farther up the road, Squak Valley Park.

Looking up at Squak Mountain (which hosts a large state park full of hiking trails):


Looking the other way you can see Tiger Mountain. The big open green spot at the top is where the paragliders take off on sunny days and float down, from Poo Poo Point.


The trail winds through the large meadow, with small side trails and even loops – but one shoot heads to the trees, offering a cool respite from the heat (with a bench as well!):


It offers a wonderful place to sit and enjoy Issaquah Creek:


A snail shell, missing its owner 😉


Enjoying a late summer afternoon:


The one caveat though: there was a LOT of bear scat. It is very much a bear happy kind of place. Access to fresh water, salmon coming up the creek, and a really old orchard next to the park, dripping apples. Which for me was a super bonus of course!

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