Local Wanderings

Fall came late this year to the Pacific Northwest. Not that I am complaining, it left me with a lot of time to work on Never~Free, which is the reason I didn’t post on the blog here for nearly a month. Spare time I didn’t have much of. Building a hobby farm/garden isn’t easy work to say the least. But it makes me happy.


And then, this past weekend, the warm weather came to an end very suddenly. With the work nearly done, I was OK with calling it a season. So I found myself with spare time again, which means afternoon walks and hikes locally, often between rain showers. The boys are happy in their jogger stroller should the rain sweep in – just Mom who gets drenched 😉


Douglas Fir pinecones are a treat to find. Mousey butts and all that (the “legend” of the pine cone is a good one to teach kids…)


The youngest child has decided naps are for losers recently, but if we go hiking on the local rail to trail, he gets all warm and snuggly…and passes out. Works for me.


I love seeing gorgeous plants while out walking – and will have to source some of these succulents next spring for my alpine garden.


But most of all, I love being out in the cool weather, with leaves falling. And yes, this is the trail I live along 🙂


And what kid doesn’t love being outside?