Trail Cooking

Love Granola? Lots Of New Recipes Up

Granola is an often overlooked breakfast – or snack – when hiking. A good mix of complex carbs, protein and fiber, it can be a great choice to pack. Is it dense? Sure. Heavy? Somewhat. Yes, it is heavier than other food choices, but you also don’t need more than ½ to 1 cup per serving. It fills you up and sticks around!

As for milk? You can always sprinkle in 3 Tablespoons or so of dry milk (dairy, rice or soy) per serving, in a sandwich bag. When ready to eat, add in a cup of cool water, seal and shake till milk is dissolved, then eat. Or carry single serving shelf stable milk boxes, which come in many non-dairy options, such as coconut, soy, rice, almond and yes, even regular dairy milk!

Double Berry & Grain Granola


Almond & Raisin Granola


Maple Almond Granola


Lavender Granola


Maple Pecan Granola


Coconut Cranberry Granola


Apple Sunflower Granola


Sunflower Granola


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