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Recent Food Finds To Check Out

The past few months we have had the chance to try out a number of new products – many of which are perfect for trail noshing.

Wild Planet Anchovies – don’t knock them for hiking. The oil packed tins are a great protein source. Mash with a spoon or fork and mix into pasta dishes!


Wild Planet No-Salt Added Wild Albacore Tuna – grab and go pouches, perfect for hiking.


Snikkidy Snacks:


The new flavors are neat and would be great bagged up for a midday treat.

Walker loving the Baked Grilled Cheese puffs:


Earth Balance Vegan White Cheddar Mac & Cheese (it also comes in cheddar as well), No-No’s (vegan and allergy friendly chocolate treats that are also naturally dyed!), Cobra Corn (3 flavors of popcorn that is amazing) and One Potato Two Potato kettle chips (in 5 flavors, the BBQ is so good!):


Bare Snacks – these baked coconut chips come in 4 flavors. The Chocolate Bliss is lightly sweet and would make a perfect addition to trail mix.


Olives To Go – ready to eat olives in a variety of styles. Each comes in a small cup, tightly sealed, with little packing liquid. The cups crush under a heel easily, and can be recycled after your hike.


Garden of Eatin’ chips – we have been eating these for years! They come in so many flavors you won’t know what to try first! There is something about having a crunchy side to hiking meals – such as rice and beans – but with a spicy and dippable chip for scooping up dinner.


Barnana snacks – in 4 varieties, they are chewy, simple and a great source of potassium!


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