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Meal Review: Paleo Savory Chicken and Vegetables

Last December I tried out my first meal from Paleo Meals To Go, their Beef Mt Stew. I was pleasantly happy with the meal, finding it filling and satisfying. We received a few more flavors to try out and up first:


Savory Chicken and Vegetables is marketed as lunch, but would work as dinner just as easy.


This meal is a powerhouse: 45 grams of protein. That is a lot! And at only 660 mg of sodium, you may well find you want to add a pinch of the sea salt that is included. This is a meal that will fuel you if you eat meat.

You can prepare it with hot or cold water, with cold taking longer to prep – but still quite workable. Tip: Use the lower amount of water called for, let sit for 10 minutes if using hot water. I am not a huge fan of chicken overall (just not my thing) but I enjoyed the lunch. That says quite a bit!

Now then….this meal has real potential to used in larger meals (which won’t be Paleo….), but will heartily serve two. Ideas?

Once rehydrated with hot water, add in a packet (1 Tablespoon) olive oil and a healthy shaking of Parmesan cheese. Serve it over rice – or tossed with pasta – and you have an amazing dinner for two. If you go this route, use the higher amount of water called for, so you have sauce.

Prep hot or cold, with the lower amount of water. Drain any remaining liquid off carefully, add in a packet or tub of ranch dressing to coat. Serve on flour tortillas, with thinly sliced cheese.

FTC Disclosure: We received product samples for potential review.

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