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Escaping The Heat The Coastal Way

Wandering through back pages, I realized I had never posted a trip we went on in August. So on a very cold and windy today, I thought to myself… I miss the heat wave we were having back in August? Hmmm. Nope. I’ll take cold!

So I leave you with this post…..The previous Monday was slated to be HOT. Well, hot for here at least. Kirk’s parents were visiting and well, we don’t have A/C. Not many have it here. It isn’t like we need it often! But as I whined about how I wished we were on the Olympic Coast and the ridiculous prices on-season costs out there, Kirk’s Dad came to the rescue. Not only could we go somewhere it would be at least 30° cooler, we could do it for an affordable rate. I was “when do we leave?!!?”


The two youngest were thrilled when they heard “go find all your sand toys/tools” – and get your sweaters. The Pacific Ocean was waiting for them. And every mile closer, the temperature went down outside.

So where did we go? Well, tucked into the lower part of the Olympic Coastline on the Pacific Ocean here in Washington is the tiny (and I mean TINY) community of Pacific Beach. It isn’t a place you end up in accidentally, you have to be going out of your way. Out there sits a Navy owned property: Pacific Beach Resort & Conference Center, an old base of sorts that is now used as a hotel and “cottages”. Active duty and retired can stay there, first come, first served. The cottages are old base houses, which have been renovated nicely. They are houses, in various sizes. We had a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house with a garage! For less $$ than a tiny motel room. A huge living room, fully outfitted kitchen, playground, free movie theater, free bike rentals and so much more – if you are eligible to stay here, it is well worth the trip. The beach is nearby and no matter what house you stay in, you will hear the waves while you lay in bed.



There were a bunch of these on the sand, some kind of Jellyfish.


On Tuesday I drove inland a few miles (it is less than 30) to Lake Quinault Lodge, after my Mother In-Law mentioned she had never been there. We took Alistaire for the drive.


I realized I had not been here in summer before, we only go in the rainy off-season. In summer? It is even more glorious. We had lunch in the dining room and enjoyed the weather – lightning, thunder, rain and then bright sun.


After lunch we strolled the property, with me checking out a trail I have done before – that was actually not a river for once (dry weather can be good I suppose….)


Lake Quinault is pretty in the way I love lakes here – cold and deep.


Tucked into the trail was native blackberries, that were unnoticed by most:


And a few red huckleberries as well. Alistaire was quite happy when Mommy surprised him with the treats.


The best part was yes, it did set a new record for heat on that Monday. It crossed 97° with 40% humidity. Out on the coast I was wearing a SWEATER!!!! I could feel my sinuses rehydrating, and oh I did not want to go back home 😉 It was on average 61° during the day and downright chilly at night (oh sweet fog!).