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Late Fall At Kalaloch

When life feels too rushed, my answer is a few days at Kalaloch Lodge on the Olympic Coast. There is little better for making one feel better than listening to the Pacific Ocean as you drift off to sleep….


Kirk and I try to get out to the area 1-2 times a year and well, late fall is often the time to snag a deal on lodging.


And if you really want to impress a 4 year old…show him ancient technology. Hours of fun. Not joking either 😉 Kalaloch has no tv’s, no phones, no internet and almost zero mobile phone coverage. Not a bad thing!


What it does have is miles of this:


Driftwood, puddles of water….


And very happy small ones – with a lifetime of sticks.


Little creeks to hop over and play in.


The remains of bird banquets….


Although being late in the year, watching the tides carefully is important – and knowing where the headland crossings are….


Staying at a warm toasty hotel on the coast isn’t such a bad thing – come in frozen from your day’s adventure, light a roaring fire, sit back and watch the waves from the sheltered deck…and ooh! Fancy cheese platter? Why yes!!


It sure makes going home harder I can tell you…..