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Food Find: No Nut Butters


I’ve loved The Sneaky Chef products (and her great books as well!) for quite some time. When I saw the Kickstarter for bringing a chocolate version of the No-Nut Butter to the masses, I was all in. As you can, the Kickstarter got funded and I had jars of deliciousness in front of me recently.

We haven’t bought peanut butter since we found out about Alistaire’s peanut and nut allergies. Usually we use Sunbutter, but there are times I REAAALLLLLYYY miss that texture of PB – especially with a Jif-like spreading texture. I’ve tried many an alternative and this is the first one where I have craved it again – and wanted a big ol’ sammie with it and my homemade rhubarb jam spread on it thickly. The chocolate version? Imagine a much less sweet version of Nutella. Yum.

It is smooth, no weird grittiness or aftertaste….and the secret? It is made from golden peas, so it has fiber as well!

Best bet for finding it is online for now – and bugging stores to carry it.

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