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Gear Find: Kid Sized Water Bottles

Something to ponder….ever gone shopping for child sized water bottles that are neither heavy, flimsy as a paper cup or heavily encrusted with cartoon characters and not break your wallet? Yeah, not so easy! If I ever see another Frozen The Movie water bottle in hot pink it’ll be way too soon…..

While I had seen a few ones that were nice, the thought of paying $13 for a water bottle for a 2 and 4-year-old to lose, well….that didn’t sit well. So when I saw the Rubbermaid Premium Chug Refill Reuse™ bottles in 14 ounce size..for $4 each. Well, that I could get behind.

Blue for Walker:


And one in green for Alistaire:


They have a loop for grabbing on (which can also have a ‘biner clipped to it, then to a pack), and the simple drinking spout that Rubbermaid bottles feature. I use a lot of the 20 ounce water bottles by them, the cap has never failed on any of mine. It stays shut! No straws to get nasty, no fragile parts. Just an easy and smaller way to carry water.

Find them with the lunch boxes and similar, in big box stores (I sourced them locally at Fred Meyers, which is owned by Kroger).

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