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5 Recipes From Freezer Bag Cooking

In the early winter of 2005, Kirk and I brought out our first cookbook, Freezer Bag Cooking: Trail Food Made Simple.


Even 9+ years later, the book sells incredibly well – something I am very grateful for – we even had a few wonderful years of being sold in REI stores across the country:


(Waddling around REI while 8 months pregnant is painful at best….)

While doing some work on TrailCooking, I noted the few recipes that are on the website, and in the book. Enjoy!

Cranberry Chicken Rice – This recipe was for a “flagship recipe”. It came out of a trip, so many years ago, in the Olympic Mountains in winter. Eating FBC by a cold mountain stream? What more could one want?

Cheesy Couscous – My oldest son ate this on so many backpacking trips. For him, it was instant mac n’ cheese. Kids love it. What more does a parent need?

PB & Banana Wraps – Simple. No deep thoughts needed.

Fruity Couscous – A breakfast that may or may not work for you. It’s different. Make it with coconut oil, even better!

CyndiH’s Super Oatmeal – Extra healthy. We need that 😉


And should you want a suggestion to try? Chinese Take Out from the book (photo sent to us by Nola, who made it on the trail):


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  1. Just a comment to let you know I enjoy your books and your comments/discussions on the BPL message board. I picked up the FBC book when it first came out and still use it for every trip – it is dog-eared and has notes about adjustments, variations and how well the Scouts liked the meals. Cranberry Chicken Rice and Miss Q’s Tater Delite are the favorites – they make every trip without fail.

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