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The Return Of The Trasherole…..

A long time ago, I had a thing for creating trash-eroles. Nothing like emulating the foods I grew up – trash casseroles made with canned cream o’ soups and smothered in tater chips. I had a blast making these for trail time….

There was also a time, before the days of Minimus, when getting single serving packets of condiments was an epic journey…. “Hey, I heard you can get oil packets at Subway!” “And KFC has buttery packets and something that looks like honey, I swear!!”. Yeah, I still go to McDonald’s and beg for salsa packets – they are better than anything sold. (And honestly, Starbucks has great honey packets as well!)


And somehow recently I ended up with an ample helping of said KFC packets and was thinking of the ye old old skool days. Btw, those “honey” packets have “7%” honey in them. Yikeyikeyike!



Sweet N’ Salty Chicken Trasherole was born. Click through to see the recipe!

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