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First Day Hikes: Cedar Creek Park

Cedar Creek Park is a small wooded multi-use trail system in our town. It is a 119 acre park, of 80 year old trees (which in itself is shocking, considering it sits right in the middle of town, and wasn’t relogged). The park is slowly growing, with lots of volunteer hours. Only a few months back, the park didn’t have even a trailhead board – which it does now.


Recently, an updated map was added to the website – now with mileage and more trails.


January First is First Day Hikes, so we celebrated by going hiking – on a very cold and clear day.


The Hair Ice was tucked in all over the woods, shooting up from the soil.


I let Alistaire set his pace, and followed him, letting Walker and Ford walk ahead of us.


Artist’s Conk (a shelf mushroom) is often seen in the PNW, on dead or dying trees. Did you know it can be used as a drawing medium?


Alistaire had plenty to say in his own way, about how cold it was 😉


The Vine Maples, covered in moss, as the sun finally crested the ridge above us.


Hiking in the cold might not be what the kids had hoped for, but it does rejuvenate one!


Alistaire, Walker and Ford ahead of me.


Different shade of shelf mushrooms.


Alistaire waving to me, calling to me to hurry – the trail is nearly over and the warm van awaits!