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Gear Find: Bullfrog Marathon Mist Sunscreen

Winter is often a time when sunscreen doesn’t come to mind, especially here in the often grey Pacific NorthWest. If you love snow sports though, you should be wearing protection, especially if you are above treeline, and at altitude. All it takes is one day like this….at 6,000 feet and you will be feeling like a red hot lobster in the evening.


Burning happens very fast on snow, even on overcast days. Snow reflects it right back.

Tips?¬†Always use sunscreen on your nostrils and under your chin. These areas burn SO easily!) And always, always, wear proper sunglasses when on snow. Your eyes will appreciate your being thoughtful! (Snow blindness is real, extremely sucky and something you don’t want to happen!)

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Bullfrog Marathon Mist Sunscreen is easy to apply, spray on and go. It comes in SPF 36 and 50. I love the metal cans, and carry them in the van so I always have it with me, especially with our youngest son, who has very pale skin. But as with many things in life, the best is the one you will use – and for me I have found the metal spray cans are so easy to use, I don’t look for excuses to “forget” to put it on. The one benefit of winter adventures is I don’t have to spray as much skin ūüėČ

FTC Disclaimer: We d received product samples for potential review.

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