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Pizza On The Trail

Pizza on the trail can be done. And it can be done easily, with minimal mess and taste so good…..How does this look? Tasty right? These are “Last Minute Meat & Olive Pizzas” from our book, Trail Eats (find on pages 78-79), and I had to share the recipe on TrailCooking. Because good food should be shared!


Psssst! Seriously. Go make this. Yum!

So this brings me to the topic of “hiker meals” that should have stayed buried in the old hiker pantry.



Yeah, lets just say you SHOULD believe it isn’t cheese pizza……


It was one of the saddest meals I have ever tasted, be it for hiking or at home. OK, maybe not as bad as the time I made Tofu & Carrot Surprise for my Dad when I was 13…but pretty close.

Imagine a huge pancake for the “crust”. But with almost no flavor. Then top it with flavorless runny pizza sauce that you rehydrate while the crust is cooking. It is spread on at the end, so it is only slightly warm. In the sauce is freeze-dried cheese that well…lets just agree that freeze-dried cheese never rehydrates right.

One bite of this awful meal and I was spitting it out. I don’t think even after a 15 mile day and no food I could have gotten myself to eat it. It just no dominant flavor and was a huge savory pancake.

So maybe there was a reason it was buried in the bottom of the test pile. And that apparently Alpine Aire has gotten rid of the Natural High brand (thaaannnkkkk you!). If you don’t believe me, you can buy one for $5 at Campmor 😉 But seriously, you really need to try the recipe at the top!

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  1. Haven’t seen this particular cheese anywhere. I like Daiya vegan cheese. The only problem for outdoor pizza is that you need to cover it up and it’s hard to get it crunchy.

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