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Food Finds: Pasta, Savory Energy Bars & More

It’s been an interesting season for new products that could work well for hiking trips. The kitchen & hiker’s pantry are filling up – and with the crazy warm winter here in the PNW – it is already hiking season!

Let’s start off with these funky energy bars from Slow Food For Fast Lives. A savory bar, not sweet? In funky flavor mashups? Go on! And 4 flavors as well….and if you live in the Western half of the US, and have a Grocery Outlet nearby, check and see if they have them in stock. Our local GO has a heavy leaning on organic & funky foods due to the great owners.





The newest offering from Barilla stood out – Pronto Pasta.


They have 5 shapes. The pasta is added to a pot with minimal water, brought to a boil and cooked for a few. While not earth-shaking – it is a convenient way to buy small pot sized pasta, that won’t boil over and or get all pasty.


An oddity, and while not “food” caught my eye after a number of samples came my way recently. They taste good (not sweet really, actually tart), and are easy on the teeth. If you worry about UTI’s while hiking, you might want to research these from Nature’s Way.


From Amara is organic dried baby food. While great for the young set. Don’t overlook it for adult meals. Freeze-dried fruit that is crushed like this, it is fabulous added to oatmeal or making trail smoothies! And being single serving packets, it doesn’t go bad from getting moisture in.


Emmy’s Chocolate Chip Macaroons. Just.Try.Them. They are simply sublime!


Is it for kids? For adults? For people who love eating on the run – literally? All! Munk Pack Oatmeal Fruit Squeezes, which come in 3 flavors:


FTC Disclosure: We received review product of some of the items above.

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