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Book Review: The Great Big Green Book


If you enjoy reading books to young children, this new title is a great one for bringing up the subject of what “green” can mean. The Great Big Green Book is a large, easy to read book that is fully illustrated. Younger children, such as mine ( 3 & 5) will enjoy being read to – and maybe even discussing the drawings. Older children may enjoy reading it and discussing how they can make greener choices for themselves and their homes. It covers the Earth, the oceans, forests, animals and more and how trees and a cleaner environment are needed, and ways to keep cities cleaner.

It is a great way to weave in how important it is to take care of the Earth and why hiking wouldn’t happen without people caring. Starting discussions with little ones early on is a great way to carry it on, later when outside. Before you know it, you might find your children picking up litter on trails and chasing down adults who they saw drop it 😉 Or asking if they can not shower to save water….(ain’t happening!).

All in all, a cute and fun book to pick up for reading time, with a not-too-heavy-handed message.

FTC Disclaimer: We received a review copy.

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