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Tulips & Forts


With a weekend day free Kirk and I took the boys up north to Skagit County in Washington State, to see the tulips. With the non-existent winter, the tulips have started early so got there before the annual month-long festival starts in April.The colors are really worth the color – and one can walk for the longest time in the fields.


This little ham was having lots of fun…..


Do small children need much more than mud and boots? Not really.

After we had our fill of Dutch…we kept on driving and went over to the Island I used to live on, Whidbey. My goal was to take the boys to Ft. Casey, a state park in central Whidbey.


I had promised Walker he was old enough to climb up a lighthouse this year and Admiralty Head was a good start. And yes, he made it to the top Рand was all smiles!


Looking down the Island, towards Ebey’s Landing.


The boys looking across San Juan de Fuca, towards the Olympic Mountains and the ferry crossing the water.


Eventually we made our way to the fort and they had so much fun checking out the big guns…..


As we made our way through the park hiking, you can cut around and look down upon the ferry landing.


Tucked back there are a few smaller big guns…


Which what child can say no to?


When I was a kid, we used to explore these parks and so much more was open.  Hard to wrap in my head at times this park has areas nearly 100 years old (and some over).


Little man found tiny stairs…..


And a little spot to hide in (where they had water pumps). Lots of hiking, and two small happy children. Not much more needed!