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The Return of Milkman & A New Mocha Recipe


While out this week I saw something that caught my eye. It is a new line called “Simply Cocoa”, touting the new line of natural drink mixes. It is better than most sold in the instant cocoa aisle but you still have the limitation of not being able to control what kind of cocoa, sugar and even the dry milk….and price wise it isn’t cheap. Even on sale. And it contains milk, yet you make it with hot milk….

And then that leads to something I have waited long for:


Before 2008, Milkman was a staple at REI stores and in grocery stores. Then it was shut down, with a lot of hoarding going on. The packets were some of my favorite dry milk – not nonfat, nor full fat. It was perfect for recipes. The small pouches also meant that you only had to open a bit here and there. And more so, it wasn’t a dry powder that was full of hard clumps, like you see in many non-fat milks. It is smooth and easily mixes. The brand was resurrected recently and is back in full production. And they haven’t changed a thing – even the packaging is what you remember!


Well…wait! They did just change something. Now Milkman has an even better improvement to the past – with the new GMO Free version, that showed up today for us to try out.

Which leads to this:


Your own customizable cocoa and mocha mixes are so easy to make – and so delicious. There is no reason except for not having supplies on hand to buy pre-made. Sugar, dried milk, cocoa powder and there you are – and of course anything else you might want to add in. You can even add in little marshmallows and I won’t judge you 😉

We added a new recipe today, In Your Face Morning Mochas to TrailCooking. And if that isn’t enough…well keep on reading for more –

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