Taking Children Hiking…It’s Like Herding Cats

Hiking with children….well I can tell you that with one it is doable – especially if they are of the special breed of Rainbow Unicorn Children like my oldest was – the ones that love hiking and are built for it. Now then…taking 3 of them is a challenge.


Starring: Ford (17), Walker (5), and Alistaire (3).

8 am trail starts? HAHAHA….oh wow. I needed a good laugh. Let’s try some donut bribery and then lunch, and hey! We left home at 1 pm and got there at 2 pm. Good thing it stays light longer this time of year ๐Ÿ˜‰ And that I picked a shorter trail….


Todays hike was at Kanasket-Palmer State Park, which is oddly enough around 7-8 miles from my home, yet somehow I have never hiked its trails. Young kids make close in state parks look extra attractive. The kind where it is a short drive…..If the past has taught me anything, we’ll be hiking in the mountains soon enough this year.

KP is a rural state park that offers camping (and even yurts). The main trail, the loop we did, is a mix of trail and old road beds. One needs to pay attention though – a number of the junctions are not marked, nor is there a real map showing them. But…it is a small area and if you get “misplaced” you will either hit the river or a road, so not a huge deal.


Second growth forests might lack some things, but they don’t in luscious undergrowth.


The trails were lined in Dicentra, coming into bloom.


Alistaire has become a lot of fun to hike with in the past few month. His legs are long enough now and he has great balance.


The Green River is the focus much of the trail, with many side paths to go down to it.


Spring in the lowland forest of the PNW means one flower – Trilliums.


Alistaire and Walker checking out the scenery.


I might enjoy hiking in other environments, but nothing is as good as the PNW forest to me. I have a thing for green everywhere.


We eventually hit a weird three-way junction and played that great hiking game “which way do we go”, and I guessed right ๐Ÿ˜‰ Bonus for me today! Although it did involve a good stiff uphill hike.


Another bonus was Alistaire loves to point out flowers he sees (helps when you are the shortest….). Purple Trillium make me smile.


And old road beds make great hiking trails for little feet….


Andย the happiest time of the day is when they see the end of the trail ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. I’m a PNWer currently living in southern California. It’s currently beautiful and warm outside, but wow I miss that green!

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