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Sunday Hiking in Cedar Creek Park

Cedar Creek Park is a regional wild space in King County, Washington, tucked in between numerous developments, and oddly enough, in the middle of our town, Maple Valley. And yet, I’d hedge most of the town (and county) have no idea it is there. It is old DNR land (it was a school fund trust land), along with a couple of properties acquired to make the park. It hasn’t been logged since 1930, a real bonus for this area.


It is slowly becoming a viable area to hike (and ride bikes). Add in that the trailhead is right by homes, it also feels safe to leave a car there.


The Salmonberry blossoms lit up the forest. Almost the entire hike I saw them.


Today I got all my men to join me, from big to littlest.


So many Trilliums! (This was a purple tinged one)


Trails weaving through the moss – some are marked, not all…and one can wander and not be quite sure where they are. We got a little farther than we thought and almost walked to the next town over. Oops! Good thing we have strong kids…. As I have noted before in this area, the upper trails (up high) are marked well, as they see the most use. The lower trails, that run along the old road bed (logging road) can be tricky. There are so many unmarked side trails, cut by kids, locals, illegal motorcycles and more. Still, it was neat to finally see the far side of the park and do some exploring.


Alistaire and Walker taking a snack break.


The neatest feature of this park is the vine maples. They are covered in deep thick moss.


And the Trilliums!


Little Man strolling along the trails 🙂


And in the end, Walker surprised me with a bouquet of free-range ‘sunflowers’ (Dandelions) that he had picked for me. I figure no one will be upset if he picks those 😉