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Food Find: Whole Earth Harvest Dried Powdered Mushrooms

Dried mushrooms have an intense flavor that is perfect in backpacking meals – it is very concentrated and adds a depth you don’t get other ways. While finding dried mushrooms has become easier in the past decade (thank you internet), many dried mushrooms take a while to rehydrate. An easy solution? Mushroom powder: finely ground, it rehydrates nearly instantly.


Whole Earth Harvest sent us a sampler of organic shiitake, porcini and maitake mushrooms recently. While 1 ounce may not seem like much, trust me it is! You only need a pinch for the flavor.

One of my favorite go-to recipes is our Cream of Mushroom Soup Mix, that is a great customizable mix you can use in many recipes. Make a batch – and stash it in your pantry. You will use it for trail and at home equally (and you’ll never feel inclined to buy a can of gloopy cream of soup again…..)

PS: Try it in one of my fave recipes: Trashy ‘Shroom Rice.


Dry Cream of Mushroom Soup Mix



Mix dry ingredients together.

Makes about 20 Tablespoons, or 4 batches worth. Store in an airtight container, such as a mason jar, shake well before using.

To make soup:

Add 5 Tablespoons dry mix to 1 cup water, heat over low till thickened, whisking preferably, constantly.

FTC Disclaimer: We received complimentary product used in this recipe and review.

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