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Local Hiking: Squak Valley Park North

Last September I hiked at Squak Valley Park North, and it seemed like a good choice for our growing local Hikes with Tikes group. Short, pretty and lots to see!


I noticed that since our last hike here, things are changing – more work is going on. If I am right, there will be more parking soon as well.


It was a perfect hiking day. Overcast, not cold, not hot and the rain stopped as the hike started.


The trail is perfect for kids – you can see them the whole way, little bridges to run over, park benches to rest on, bird houses, bat houses, boulders to climb on….


And giant dried thistles, left over from last year to play with!


The city of Issaquah has installed art, “The Couple”, by Michael Dennis, in the open valley.


And if you want to win over children, let them have unlimited time to throw rocks into a creek and watch as they happily giggle and clamber. Happy moms, worn out kids, and to me that is a good morning out.