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Local Wanderings: Fay Bainbridge Park

Kirk’s coworker let me in a little gem, on the waterfront, on Bainbridge Island here in Washington State. A tiny park, wedged in between beach homes called Fay Bainbridge Park.


The first treat was wild roses in bloom on the beach. I miss those from my years of island living in the PNW. When the sun hits them, the smell is amazing.


And one very happy bee, doing its job….


Trails, well maintained, take off from the parking lot, for the water.


The park has a very nice boardwalk that goes out to the beach, with a small platform for viewing, allowing almost everyone to enjoy this tiny slice of beauty.


Now then, take boys to a beach, full of endless rocks….


And you know what will happen…..


Looking across the water Seattle is visible, as is the docks (it was a bit cloudy that day). On sunny days you can see Mt. Rainier and Mt. Baker from here as well.




A happy bird enjoyed its dinner 😉


And we watched the massive Dutch Shell deep-sea artic oil drilling platform come into Seattle. As it rounded the corner, it looked so tiny and then became massive as it glided through, into its final destination of Seattle.

The park has a very nice play area for children, fire pits, picnic areas, benches to relax on and even the cutest tiny campground – and flush toilets on top of that.