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Hikes With Tykes: Two Adventures With Them

In the past few weeks we were able to get out a few more Hikes with Tykes, a local group I am behind, that encourages parents and little ones to get out. We don’t go fast, but we do have fun.


On a cool Tuesday morning we met at Nolte State Park for the loop trail around Deep Lake.


Alistaire happily waiting for Mommy and the other kids to catch up. We had quite a few show up for this week and split into two groups, one faster, one slower.


Being in the fast group, we came across a fallen tree and spent at least 30 minutes climbing and running on it. It took us 2 hours, yes TWO HOURS, to hike 1.5 miles – but oh the fun we had!


And as I have noted, oh what I see when I walk slow….


So much beauty in front of us, and too easy to just run by.


Later on, I held an event at Tipsoo Lakes, in Mount Rainier National Park (this was about 10 days ago). With our severe low-snow winter, this is an epic melt out. We were a few days ahead of Memorial Weekend and the lakes were melted, but so were half the trails.


I planned it as a fun-time over hiking. How many kids get to play in the snow AND see frogs hatching at once?


I couldn’t drag my two youngest out of subalpine heaven. Even after they both got thoroughly soaked…..


Mt. Rainier peeked through a few times.


The first flowers were just starting to poke through. I am sure now it is turning colors up there.


At the same time, it felt so odd to be on dry trail this early.


And little cheezy says hi!