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Summer Solstice at A Stormy Sunrise

Weather can be a fun thing when it comes to Tahoma (Mt. Rainier). She very much decides to make her own. We were sitting in the back yard on Sunday, being that it was Father’s Day, and on a lark decided that if it was the longest day of the year (Summer Solstice), maybe we should go have fun, instead of sweating at home. There is nothing quite as sweet as a 30*+ drop in temperature I might add…..


So hence, up at 6400 feet, at Sunrise, it was a balmy in the 50*’s. Perfect.


Blue skies everywhere, except for right over said Mountain. Looking across at Emmons and Inter Glaciers, the lighting was amazing!


The boys? Loving hiking in long pants and jackets!


The low snow year has brought an amazing flower show – although very early. I love the tiny flowers of phlox.


Another few weeks and if we keep on our hot, hot and did I mention HOT weather in Western Washington, all these pretties will be gone for the season. Rainier is the oddity, since she can create her own weather, she can make a little bit of rain, which is a lot more than we have gotten here of late 🙁


These two turnips are so much fun to take hiking!


After one exploration, we headed uphill, through Yakima Park. This was about all we got to see of Tahoma.


Onwards and up…..


The little one has hit that spot this year where he is finally big enough to hike and is maintaining an actual pace. 3 is a great age, for when they finally start the turning point!


The lighting was amazing at the top of Sourdough Ridge.


And oh…..what did my eyes see? I know it is hard to see in the photo, but in the middle there are 10 white dots. They were a family of mountain goats. The boys loved it, and it is hikes like this that binoculars pay off. They each have their own tiny pair they carry in their over stuffed backpacks.


On the way down – and suddenly I had noticed it was nearly 7 pm! – the lighting was so awesome. Big black clouds over us, sunny everywhere else. We even had a mini hail storm. And it was a blessed 51*.


A pretty solid way for the family to celebrate the longest day of the year no? I’d like to think so. And hiking late in the day also meant nearly no one was there with us. I’d consider that a bonus.