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Slowly on the PCT


Sometimes a quick hike is needed (and by quick I don’t mean fast, rather….a mostly unplanned/last-minute/let’s get in the van and go hike). So we did our morning appointments and chores, and then headed for the mountains for a few hours, making the trailhead actually before noon 😉


Monday was a cooler day, not as cold as Sunday, but Rainier was still making her own weather. I chose the PCT at Chinook Pass, which is on the Eastern Crest, to keep it a bit nicer. Mid-60’s in the sun, a breeze about half the time and while some bugs, it was tolerable (no buzzing in the ears/covered in them/running down the trail screaming while slapping yourself….)


The sun halo was amazing and massive that my oldest spotted.


Low snow year brings on early wildflowers, in a quick rush.


With school out, I have all 3 of my boys with me now for hikes. I love that!


Mentioning the low snow year, that also means you see Avalanche Lilies pushing up right next to Lupine and Paintbrush. There isn’t the usual progression, rather a massive rush to bloom before the water dries up.


Alistaire is finding his little hiking groove this year. At 3, he is getting sturdy legs under him and he toodles along, keeping an actual pace now.


So many wildflowers….I always feel fortunate when I luck into prime bloom.


I find it a happy thing watching the 3-year-old contemplate a tiny water crossing. He wouldn’t want to get his non-LNT blaze orange shoes wet 😉


Had it been a bit warmer, and later in the season for less bugs, I’d have let the boys go wading.


We arrived at the lake to clouds rolling over Naches Peak. Thankfully with a nice breeze, which blew the bugs away here.


The two younger never seem to stop – the Teen was OK with a rest 😉


I do wonder just how low will the lake get by end of summer. It already had a beach and the meadows around are dry.


Three boys, dwarfed by the ridge above them.


The hillsides coming back smelled wonderful in the late afternoon sun.


One little boy, lost in thought, walking with him is a sweet thing.

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