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Wildflowers Framing Mount Rainier

I wasn’t planning on being here, originally Kirk and I loaded up the van and went up to the mountains and around Eastern Washington to explore new places. It was too hot to get out much – heck it is still too hot here in Western Washington. When we topped out at 106* near Naches, Wa, I was ready to go back to 90* something at home. But as we drove up Hwy 410 to Chinook Pass, the temperature was dropping. In fact, it was dropping fast. The promised thunderstorms were not there yet, so it wasn’t unsafe yet. As we crossed the pass it was in the mid 70’s. So I had to stop! You cannot pass up cool weather and a breeze!


We stopped at Tipsoo Lakes and got out. To the most amazing wildflower spread in years.


One of those “do almost nothing and get massive rewards” views.


Instant mood lifter….

IMG_20150628_203630 (1)

It was so heady in the flowers I actually felt mildly allergic to them. It was super intense, the smell of the Lupine in the sun. It was wonderful smelling!


Yakima Peak above Tipsoo Lake.



The lenticular clouds were starting to form above Mt. Rainier as we hiked the casual trails around the lakes.


Not only is the flower show amazing, it is tall this year!


And two little boys happy…because there were nearly no bugs around. Thank you to the wind for that.


The tadpoles are growing fast, and the lakes were covered in them.


I love wildflowers so much. It was nice to not have a backpack on and be able to get down low to shoot them.

IMG_20150628_202142 (1)

This alone made our stop worthwhile. And as we left, the promised storms were coming in. Not enough to make a difference in the dryness, but the smell of rain was cleaning the air.