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Night Skies at Rainier

When you are looking for a new experience, go up high – as the sun sets. Kirk and I had talked about this for years, that we’d go do it.


It was so hot down low (as non-typical summer continues on….) and we left town at 7:30 pm in 90+ temps. We made it to Sunrise Point (6100 feet) at Mt. Rainier, ¬†just a few minutes before sunset at 9 pm. It was a lovely 60-ish for temps….


Mt. Adams in the distance. The sky was hazy due to all the wildfires around the Cascades.


To the right, out of the photo, is Dege Peak. We watched the sliver of the moon and Venus set behind it. It occurred to me that being on Dege Peak would be pretty awesome. To lay on your back and watch the skies grow dark. Something to file into my to-do list.


It takes a long time for the sky to get dark at the point. There is light in the northern sky for a long time, it took till at least 11 pm to get truly dark. We were not alone up there, certain guys come up there often. Around 12:30 am I noticed 2 lights on the side of Rainier, climbers leaving Camp Muir for the summit slog. You could watch them slowly move up the mountain.


The Milky Way. I even got to see a shooting star ping over us. It is a good reminder to go outside more often, at night, and just sit there and watch. Turn off the lights and enjoy it.

Meanwhile…the two little boys started yawning and fell asleep. Sitting there, wrapped in a blanket and staring at the Milky Way…life was good. Dawn would come soon up there, so we called it a night, and started our drive down. Amazing how many elk and deer were out that late…

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  1. That sounds like a wonderful way to spend a night. Here in Minnesota we don’t have mountains but we do have beautiful views on the North Shore along Lake Superior. I’m going camping there in a couple of weeks. Must try for a stargazing night on the trip!

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