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Foraging on Rail to Trails

A person on a local Facebook group had asked about fruit tree ID on a section of a local rail to trail, so I figured…why not go see! Got us out of the house and a hike all in one.


We set off from Maple Valley (here in Washington) on the Cedar River Trail, towards Renton. The two little ones leading, the Teen with his head in his phone, but walking (nothing like a walk with 5 bars digital….). Yes, it is dry here this year. Very, very dry.


Lining the trail on one side was one after another plum trees. Not easy to get to (down a slope) but plentiful. The fruits were shooter marble size and turning ripe. All one has to do is poke with a fingernail, and the scent is there. The trees are old. Very old, covered in thick mosses and lichens. Beautiful trees!


The real show though was the apples. Along the trail I lost count after the 20th tree. Loaded with different colors. Again, old trees, from a different time, before this area was built up. The blushed apples above caught my eyes! And cherry trees as well…

We saw birds, crickets, and even a gentle garter snake slither across the trail. Not much more could I ask for a gentle hike to fill part of our morning.