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Urban Adventures: Downtown Park

Last week we had time to spend in Bellevue, Washington while Kirk had business to do. I had seen Downtown Park signs before, but had no idea what was hidden there.


In the center of the city, surrounded by high rises and the near constant construction (Bellevue is growing constantly), is the 21 acre park that takes up a city block or so, a vivid green belt in a city of concrete.


The boys were lured in by an art insulation of a decorated piano (apparently they have them at many of the parks in the city this summer). Who could pass that up, no?


We walked the trail around the park, which was very nice, a mostly circle, around a man-made canal of water, that ends at a 240 foot long waterfall and mini lake.


Rainier was out, the sky was blue, the park was packed with people on lunch, but it didn’t feel crowded by any means. I got a walk in, the boys got to run and play – and look up at the skyline and see all the cranes, building and building.

If one has to be in a city on purpose, it wasn’t a bad way to spend a few hours!