Trip Reports

A Stroll on the Green to Cedar Rivers Trail


As this hot and dry summer finally enters the last month….and rain is finally promised starting tomorrow, Kirk and I got out the other day on the Green to Cedar Rivers Trail, which we live on (we back up to it, with a gate out to the trail even). It might have been 80*, but the trees and grasses said late September. It’s been a very, very hard year. Is it wrong to say I cannot wait for the rain to return? For cold temperatures? For the moss to live again?


And while the western side of the Cascade foothills has faired much better, small fires still have happened. A cigarette tossed? A firework? Never fun to see a burnt out area right off a trail.


Walker was putzing, so Kirk and Alistaire went on farther than us, and we hung out and did nature crafts on the trail, by some benches – and I had a view of Lake Wilderness. Which is one of the best parts of this easy (flat) hike. Our town is blessed to have a trail that cuts across it, with a massive lake in the center.


Walker made a tent btw 😉