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Recent Food Finds

Fun items that have been floating around the office and the great outdoors these past few months. It’s hard to believe summer is winding down, all too quickly. But…that does bring cool weather fall hiking, which is my favorite time to be out!


Mountain America Jerky – Made in Colorado, ranging from traditional beef, bison and elk and exotic types like yak, they have 16 types of meat to choose from (and that is just the meat, not the flavors to choose from!) Good stuff – and I loved the long thin strips. Makes snacking easy!


SunRidge Farms Power Chews, in three flavors: Almond Cranberry, Peanut Butter and Vanilla Coconut. Kirk really enjoyed these, especially after gym workouts. The bites are 1-2 bites each, easy to pop in your mouth. Reclosable bag as well.


Perky Fruit Bodies – 3 flavors of raw fruit leather. And it isn’t what you expect, it isn’t kid’s leather! The Cacao Banana Coconut is dessert. Two individually sealed rolls per box. Very delicious. And not overly sweet either.


Daiya brought out three flavors of vegan/gluten-free mac n’ cheeze. Unfortunately I can’t try it out as Alistaire is allergic to pea protein (the new darling of protein in food). But for those who can, this looks to be an interesting one pot meal alternative.


Another food find I saw recently was Annie’s Homegrown 25% less sodium Macaroni & Cheese. This one I will need to pick up if I see it on a good sale!


Last week I was invited to a bloggers party, hosted by Horizon Organic.


The boys and I got to try out new snacks and took home quite a few for the backpacks – I really liked the Fruit Crunchers and Fruit Clusters.


Needless to say, the boys were more than excited as they saw the table – and were talking about what they would carry on the next hike 😉

FTC Disclosure: We received product samples on some of the items above for review.

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