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Local Hiking In Fall

In late summer and early fall, sometimes life is so rushed. All my boys are in some form of school this year (although the youngest is only 2 days a week for 3 hours each time…), so if the weather is great, I try to get outside and get in a short hike. There is something almost unnatural about going solo, without my loud children along 😉 Sometimes I even get to slow down and enjoy the wild native evergreen huckleberries….


Sometimes though, the youngest is with me. With only one now, I sold my double jogger stroller off and he rides in a cozy bike/jogger trailer now. What more does one need besides a cushy ride, in flight entertainment and a snack?


Being that we live on the Green to Cedar Rivers Trail, it is only a few steps away to a hike –


And a bonus is sometimes on a sunny day that one decides to investigate the inside of his eyelids for a while 😉 He hasn’t taken naps since he was a year old, so those rare days are appreciated.


The Green to Cedar cuts across town, here in Maple Valley, Washington. It goes alongside Lake Wilderness, which much of is protected and a city park. It has a gorgeous view of Tahoma (Mount Rainier) at the end as well.


The park itself can be reached by many side trails off the trail at the head of the lake. It has walking paths throughout, some paved, others not.


Plenty of ducks and geese on the lake as well.


The park flows into the Lake Wilderness Arboretum, with many small trails to enjoy.


There are even more trails on the far side. They are unmarked but fun to wander through.


Back on the trail bed of the Green to Cedar, I often wander back off it onto the short side trails.


It’s local hiking – nothing too hard, nor long. But it is pretty, hidden right in the middle of town.


The leaves are starting to turn and fall, the squirrels are crazy busy….a cooling wind but just enough sun to make it great.


And did I mention a gorgeous view of Tahoma, on yet another short hike?


And it almost always improves my mood!