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Food Finds for Fall

Fall brings cold weather and that means an overhaul to your food choices when hiking. Summer months you can get by on lighter fare (and let’s be honest, often hot weather leaves less desire to even eat!), but once cool weather shows up, you need more calories, more fats and more snacking choices to ensure you keep warm, well fueled and going!

One of my favorite items over the years has been Manitoba Harvest’s Hemp Hearts. The seeds are hulled (no shells) and have a very buttery texture. If you haven’t ever tried them, you are missing out! They work well added to smoothies at home, eaten sprinkled over hot or cold cereal when hiking and so on. I add them to muffins and cookies as well for an extra boost. They are also great sprinkled over hot rice and pasta dishes while camping! It is a great nut-free alternative as well. They also have a new snack out, Hemp Heart Bites. We picked these up at IFBC this year to try out!

PS: They also make single serving packets as well….


Little Secrets Chocolates were beyond tasty. These will get a regular spot in my backpack, and let’s be honest, my cupboard at home! Artificial coloring and flavoring free, and in cool flavors like Dark Chocolate Raspberry.


Harvest Stone gluten free cracker mixes (they have 3 flavors). They are made by the same parent company that makes Crunchmaster. They don’t have that “gluten-free taste” either, crunchy and flavorful.


FTC Disclaimer: We received product for potential review.

2 thoughts on “Food Finds for Fall

  1. Sarah,
    Try toasting the Hemp hearts gently in a skillet or the oven (watch super carefully for burning) and they take on an even nuttier flavor really close to peanuts. Great added to yogurt or smoothies for a nutty flavor that carries through unlike the raw version. (Discovered this thanks to a nephew and niece who we have discovered are nut allergic, My sister started doing this to fill their nut cravings, sucks discovering you allergic to something you have eaten for years!)

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