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Sunday Morning at Nolte State Park

After last Saturday’s huge windstorm and rain (over an inch), Sunday was sunny, so we decided to get in a short dayhike at Nolte State Park. An hour doing yard work (all those tree branches had to be picked up!) and then off for a quick drive to the state park.


The park is nestled into the Cascade foothills, and is one we try to get to at least once a year. The park itself is tiny, it is Deep Lake and a loop trail that goes around it, along with a couple small nature trails off of it, plus lots of picnic areas, a large grass area to run around on, and one of the nicest playgrounds around. Even on an October day, there were plenty of people out enjoying the trail.


With the rain the inlet creek was running again. Squirrels, chipmunks, and so many birds getting ready for winter.


Walker and Daddy far ahead, as Alistaire and I bring up the rear. Most of the trail is under a canopy of trees, which keeps it nicely cool, but you still get sun sprinkling down.


Deep Lake is low this year, due to the severe drought we had in 2015 (I’ve never seen it with a beach!), and on the far end one cove has become its own stagnant lake, sealed off. Many years, in winter, the lake is so high it runs over the trail in that section. It needs a lot more rain to catch up this fall and winter!

And then….hike over and back to real life…..

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