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Allergy Friendly Food Finds

I spent a long weekend In Denver – and realized as I was on the airport train that the first time I came to this airport it was 2-3 days after it opened in 1995. That’ll make you feel old knowing its been there for 20 years…..


I was in town for the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference, which I went to learn more for our youngest son’s food allergies. The weather was pretty nice – cold and clear.


And does Denver have amazing sunrises….I had gotten an upgrade to the top floor of the hotel so it was a great view as the sun came up…..


Kirk would say this about me (and everyone else at the conference!)


Specialty conferences are not just for learning, but also for great swag and meeting vendors. Of everything I took home, Alistaire is able to eat at least 90% of it, with his food allergies. This is a bit of the items below –


To start the list of products I tried…let’s start with the one that didn’t make it past night 1. Yeah, sorry kid, it was too good to take home 😉


Vermont Nut Free Chocolates. The Crispy milk chocolate bar is phenomenal. It tastes no different than any main stream bar.


Allie’s Gluten-Free Goodies were a neat vendor, they go beyond bars into fun thinks like a vegan quinoa crunch bar


Zego Bars were a new item for me. An “allergy friendly superfoods bar”


Don’t Go Nuts is a company I have written about before. Their items are non-GMO soy based. One thing the make is a large line of energy bars for kids.


Cybele’s Free To Eat have a line of cookies. The Snickerdoodle ones are soft and very kid friendly. They are Top 8 allergen free.


One of my favorite treats was Skeeter Nut Free shortbread cookies. The bags might be tiny, but will satisfy! They are rich and very indulgent. The company makes other cookies as well in single serving bags.


Gerbs Granola, Top 10 allergen free. Trust me, they have so many flavors to check out!


Beansfields Bean & Rice Chips are a long-time favorite of us. If you love crunchy foods, or a sprinkling of nacho chips on top of a rice FBC meal, these are your choice!


On the way home, with all my loot stashed in a suitcase and shipped through….my eyes saw this….Delta wheeled out a stuffed cart for everyone to help themselves to it. How very nice of them! Not often one has pleasant comments about traveling these days…..

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