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Green Friday Hiking

While the whole “opt outside” campaign had me rolling my eyes a bit, it was still a great excuse to go hiking – not that I really need an excuse 😉 We picked Nolte State Park, which is close in for us. We go there pretty often, but as noted, it is close to us, and very family friendly. Now then….our Green Friday ended up needing some shopping before we even left town, as I looked down and realized our Washington State Parks pass had just expired. So my record of never having shopped on a Black Friday ended with us in the local Fred Meyer’s buying a pass at customer service. Oops. Oh well, free donuts and coffee!


It isn’t often I get Kirk and the boys all in a row 🙂

It was freezing (22* at the trailhead) and gorgeous blue skies. I love late fall/early winter hiking. Your lungs just feel so much better being in that crisp air!


Deep Lake has put on a bit of water since our last visit, but is still low enough the back part is still sealed off into a mini lake, which was frozen.


Alistaire has a stick, and a super puffy jacket, what kid wouldn’t be happy? The boys had a ton of fun. And as I told myself, at least I wasn’t getting rammed by shopping carts like some people……


And on a totally different hike – the day before, on Thursday, before dinner, I took the boys hiking on our local trail. Walker can never pass up large leaves. This being a non-native Horse Chestnut.