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Recent food finds –


I’ve had these bars many, many times on hikes. They are soft, easy to chew, and very kid friendly. The Fruit and Veggie Strip bars are fruit leather, the Fruit Sandwich Bars are thicker.


At a recent bloggers conference I was introduced to Elmhurst Naturals line and had a chance to try out their Horchata. Now…if you haven’t ever had Horchata, it is a satisfying rice drink. This is a blend with dairy. It is shelf stable, meaning you could tuck it into a cooler, and have a refreshing drink on the way home. The traditional flavor was my favorite.


Also from Elmhurst Naturals was their new Banana Water. Crazy, but a fun drink to have along. Also shelf stable, you can keep it in the car for after working out, or tuck a bottle in your pack. It’s packed with potassium, so if you get leg cramps like I do…this is a good thing to have along.


Love a single cup of coffee, but don’t like instant? These lovely single serving packets from Opal Coffee pop onto your mug, and you pour your hot water through it. Let dry on a rock and easy to pack into your garbage. Very elegant, if you love great coffee these will catch your eyes.

FTC Disclaimer: We received samples for potential review.

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