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One Pot No Drain Pasta Recipes

One Pot No Drain Pasta Recipes

Simple, quick. A hearty one pot meal that requires a lot less water, no draining and is ready in under 10 minutes.

The recipe that started it for us, this one spawned a video as well.

Asian Inspired Chicken & Veggies


Base Camp Pasta


One Pot Chickpea Pasta


One Pot Pasta and Chicken

Pasta and Summer Veggies

Pesto Tomato and Tuna Pasta


Tomato & Herb Pasta


Pesto Tomato Pasta

Creamy Rosa Chicken Pasta


Swiss Broccoli Mac & Cheese

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  1. These are sure great recipes that we could try on our upcoming hike! Getting tired of the whole canned food slash pork and beans drama we’ve got going. This way we get to hike and enjoy a good hearty meal. Thanks for all the tips here! Any other recipes up your sleeve?

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