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Urban Adventures: Shadow Habitat

The Shadow Habitat is a 5,000 year old peat bog that sits in SE King County, so well hidden it can be an adventure just finding it 😉 I had been meaning to take the boys there for a while, and we had a nice day on Tuesday, so we drove over. If you do get the chance to visit it, turn in the driveway after the wooden sign, and park by the large metal shipping container. It might not look like a trailhead, but it is.

IMG_20160216_151052 (1)

There are a couple kiosks to read over, also the website has plenty of information.

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Find the start of the trail by the kiosk and follow the signs. The boardwalk trail has numbered posts, you can find the brochure on the website for the info.

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Alistaire was very, very excited about our little field trip & nature school Mama was having – especially as all 3 kids could come (Mid-Winter Break), and my brother joined us.

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I am thinking Artist Fungi?

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The majority of the boardwalk was part of a couple of Eagle Scout projects, and one major part is the metal covering the wood. Makes walking easy! They also built a number of viewing platforms.

The trail is an in and out, and isn’t very long but walk slowly, and the farther you get in, the more you see. Especially if you get down low and look carefully – there are 17 types of Sphagnum Moss here – out of 30 known kinds. Little mushrooms popping up in the moss, sticks being buried, Skunk Cabbage just starting the spring climb.

At 100 acres in size, it isn’t big, but it is important – and worth the visit.

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  1. Where is this located? I clicked the link to Shadow Habitat, and then clicked around several pages on their site, but still can’t even find a general vicinity – not even which state this is located in! 🙂

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