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Outfitting A Jogger Stroller

A jogger stroller? Well, if you know me well enough…you’ll know I have a real love affair with them. If a trail allows bikes, it’s all good! Over the years with our kids it has allowed me a lot more freedom than I would have had otherwise. With a jogger stroller, the miles are longer, and we can pack gear on it.


I love my jogger stroller (and this is the 3rd version I have had in the past 6 years). A lot.

With my oldest son it had to be pried out of my hands and sold against my will – he was too old for it, but I didn’t want to give it up. We had a lot of fun those years, going all over. We walked, we hiked, we saw thousands of miles roll by.


(Vintage late 1990’s photo of Ford)

Even as he turned 5 years old, I even pulled it out, so I could get miles under my legs. Road walking needed to get to a trailhead? Plop the kid and packs into the stroller, stash said stroller in the woods when you get there, go hiking, and repeat on way back. It became a way I could do hikes with Ford we otherwise couldn’t have made in a day (such as 14 miles and up).

When I was pregnant with Walker in 2010, I didn’t think about decorating a nursery…no, I thought about my super jogger stroller I was going to have, and all the goodies to go with it. Rational thinking probably not. But still fun!

I bought a BOB Revolution within 2 weeks of having Walker. I added in a handlebar console and car seat adapter.

*Safety Note*

Follow directions on your stroller. Do not take newborn infants on unpaved trails, nor run with them at all!! 


(Out at the Carbon River at Mt. Rainier NP in spring of 2010 with Walker)

What brand you buy depends on what you plan to use your stroller for. Do your research and yes, just like bikes, quality costs more. You can pick up good deals used though!

On a local rail to trail (smooth unpaved) in late spring:


A young Walker in May, 2010 sitting happily in his jogger:


Out for a walk with Kirk pushing and older brother Ford walking on a paved rail to trail nearby:


Once I had the stroller assembled, and everything ready to go, we started getting out, often daily. I started thinking about what I needed with me at all times. From my past experiences with Ford I knew what was essential.

Over the years now we have carried a wide selection of gear, that has gotten smaller as the boys aged. I bag each section separately in quart freezer bags, and then carry it all in a small sack in the under compartment.

  • Small tire pump (look in the bike section).
  • Spare inter tubes – one for the front wheel, one for the back wheel. The one flat I had due to thorns with Ford, that spare tire was priceless! I was miles from the truck!
  • Tire changing kit (bike section – you can go simple or fancy)
  • Blanket – you never know if it will change and get cold. Tuck in a packable fleece one.
  • Extra outfit and a hat. Only carried on longer hikes now.
  • Changing pad with diapers, wipes and a garbage bag or two. (That glorious day when you no longer need it!)
  • If you bottle feed with an infant, ready to use formula and a clean nipple/collar. Or clean bottles/bottled water and dry formula measured out to add.
  • A burp rag for infants.
  • Snacks, for adults and kids.
  • Water bottles
  • A map of where I am. Might sound odd but if you walk large neighborhoods it can come in handy, just pull up Google Maps on a smartphone. If you do trails you should always have one – a paper one, and know how to use it.
  • Cell phone. I never go without mine in case I ever need my husband to come get us! And well, I also use my phone to track our walks now…..
  • Your driver’s license. If something happened you would want them to know who you are! Please carry it!
  • A sit pad. When we walk on trails vs road walking I carry one for when we take breaks. It is nice to have.
  • GPS. Sound crazy? Nope! Fun way to know how far you have walked! Use your smartphone, or carry one.
  • Lunch…well, OK, only for the long walks! Often we pack a small cooler with cold drinks and a homemade rice or pasta salad for an after walk lunch at the truck.
  • One thing I added on early was a Sammy Sack. And then I got one for Alistaire, after he was born in 2012. They are a waterproof/windproof cover/blanket that is well worth it. It keeps them very snug in off-season.
  • Pepper spray. Most dogs you encounter are cool. But you might meet a bad one – they hate pepper spray to the face. I keep it where I can reach it instantly.
  • A tether system from stroller to you. We use a Shockle, a dog leash that is elastic, with carabiners on each end. I clip one end to me, the other end to the stroller handle. Should you let go, the stroller doesn’t hurdle away. Yes, most jogger strollers come with a free webbing “leash” – those are awful and are around your wrist. Be free!


As Alistaire came along, we moved up to a 2 seater BOB. It was with us till this past summer, when I sold it to a neighbor with two little ones (Walker wanted to walk the past year most trips).


I often had a GPS mounted on it to track our walks and hikes.

Sarah's Phone_20131015_13_24_02_Pro__highres

For awhile in the summer and fall we used our bike trailer/stroller, which works pretty good (and I still use it if I want to cram both kids in it!).


Cozy on the cold windy days I can tell you. They fit in like two sardines in a tin……


In late fall I found a great buy on an old school (very vintage) BOB 1 seater. It is from the first 2 years of production, so yeah, very old school! Added in a few accessories, and off we went, back in business, as our youngest turned 4! (I did though have to do a little work on this vintage stroller – had to replace screws, tighten things, but I saved a lot of $$ over new – and got a solid stroller).


It can be a fun way to get out, have your child with you and get exercise.


But lets just not go back to say the year 2001 anytime soon 😉 Even if my setup did take me to many great places.